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Susanna Way Dodds, M.D.
December 29, 2021
Susanna Way Dodds, M.D.

(1830 – 1911)

A physician, hydrotherapist, proponent of natural hygiene, and one of the leaders of women’s rights and dress reform, Susanna Way Dodds became the fourth woman in the country to become a physician. She was Vice President of the Vegetarian Society of America. Dodds opened the Dodds’ Hygeian Home facility and ran this facility for over 50 years.

Susanna and Mary Dodds, MD, founded the Hygienic College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1887 in St. Louis, Missouri, and focused on natural methods of treatment. She was also Dean of the Hygienic College of Physicians and Surgeons and one of the country’s most eminent hygienists. 

Dr. Susanna Dodds greatly influenced Natural Hygienist Herbert M. Shelton, a founding member of the modern-day Natural Hygiene Health Movement. This evolved into the National Health Association in 1999.


“According to nature’s teachings, living lengthens life and fills it with joy. Pursuing an opposite course shortens it and renders it miserable and worthless.”

Susanna Way Dodds, M.D. (1830-1911): Excerpt From The Natural Hygiene Handbook
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