Since 1964, the NHA has been publishing paperback books on the subject of Natural Hygiene beginning with Dr. Herbert Shelton’s ground-breaking book, Fasting Can Save Your Life which instantly became a best-seller and remains the the most popular book on water fasting ever written.  This was followed by Dr. Shelton’s Health for the Millions and reprints of most of his seven volume series, The Hygienic System under the title “The Science and Fine Art…” of Natural Hygiene, Fasting, Food and Nutrition, etc.  Most of these books are out of print and the NHA has lacked the resources to reprint them.  However, through the generosity of its members, the NHA is in the process of digitizing these classic works and is making  them available to the world in formats that make them easily accessible to all E Readers.

All ebooks are available for free to NHA members. To download the files, login then visit “My Account” and click on the files tab.

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